UVC Lay in
600 x 600

Germicidal Unit.


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Lay in 595 x 595 mm air purification unit – simply drops into ceiling grid – like a panel light. 

Dirty pathogens are sucked in – destroyed by the UVC (254nm) light within – and the clean air is expelled.

Lighting Pro’s
Lighting Pro’s

How it works…

Air is sucked in on the left side – through the slots, through a sponge filter – then into a chamber containing 2 x UVC lamps (254nm) – the UVC lamps destroy the pathogens in the air and the air is then expelled through the vents on the right.

One of these UVC air scrubbers can clean a room of 5m x 5m x 2,6m - 3 -4 times an hour.

As the UVC lamps are not exposed - this unit is safe to use while humans are in the room.

Please note – this device is for the destruction of air borne pathogens – it will not clean surfaces – like tabletops.

For the destruction of surface mounted pathogens – please make use of our hand held ‘Magic Wand UVC cleaner

Lighting Pro’s
Lighting Pro’s

Due to the nature of UVC radiation – within the radiation chamber – plastic items like plastic finger guards on the filters will degrade over time and will need replacing from time time

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